dbray Media - About


dbray Media is a team of veteran communications specialists, made up of PR practitioners, journalists, event planners, media & presentation trainers, and digital media executives, who help companies large and small, develop results-driven, multi-platform content, and publicity.

Our specialists approach was borne out of many years immersed in the PR industry and realizing that there was a  much more effective way for the industry to improve upon the services and quality of work that we offer. Also, it’s extremely rare to find a PR industry professional that excels at all areas of their job. Our philosophy is to allow our executives to focus on their strengths whether it be writing, pitching media, etc. to the benefit of our client’s businesses.

For example, if you have a problem with your brain, you visit a neurologist. Why? If you’re paying someone to do work for you, you want to make sure that they have the relevant experience – the specialization that will save you time, money, and grief. Our job is to make our client’s shine within their respective originations.

We serve advertising, marketing & media companies, consumer brands, financial organizations, technology providers, business executives & public figures.

What sets dbray Media apart is our relationships and unique ability to know how to reach your industry’s influencers in order to obtain coveted coverage.